Melbourne Jewish Comedy Festival is a not-for-profit organisation celebrating Jewish culture through comedy.


One Night Only: an evening of storytelling, comedy, cabaret and songs.

One Night Only


The inaugural Melbourne Jewish Comedy Festival: 59 performers, 10 events, 6 locations, 1200 in the audience.

Founder and Creative Director: Justine Sless
Comedian, community worker and curator of festivals, markets and events.

Jewish Care

MJCF Board of Management 

COM on Board

Chair Person – Jon Cina  – Human Rights Lawyer and Glaswegian
Vice Chair – Jennifer Andersen- researcher
Secretary – Nicole Schlesinger – Human Rights Lawyer and Fabled Jew of the North
Treasurer – Shane Cremin- Insolvency accountant –  barracks for Melbourne.
Committee Member – Ruth Leonards Office Manager East Melbourne Synagogue – if you need anything organised – ask Ruth!